Frequently Asked Questions

We are creating a new, iconic facility for honey bee education, research, advocacy and outreach. It will be a destination; a place of excellence in design, function and research. All in support of the future of honey bees.

What is the Honey Bee Research Centre project?

The Honey Bee Research Centre (HBRC) is a state-of-the-art research and education/outreach centre dedicated to all aspects honey bee health and well-being. 

Why honey bee research?

The value of honey bees is well documented as is the global decline in their health. The pollination that honey bees provide is a vital link in the production of food for humans and other species. Factors that put the honey bee population at risk include parasites, pathogens, pesticide use and loss of habitat. Fortunately, there is a growing interest in protecting the honey bee to reverse these health trends. 

Why a new facility?

The current HBRC, operating in the Townsend House on Stone Road East, is performing world-class research in a sub-standard facility. Originally designed as a residence, the 3,500 sq. ft. building has reached its capacity in providing suitable spaces for research, education and honey/beeswax processing. The current building also lacks barrier-free accessibility and space for public outreach. 

Can you briefly describe the new HBRC?

The new HBRC will be a 15,000 sq.ft facility that contains spaces for research, production and outreach programs. It will serve as a demonstration facility for best practices in commercial beekeeping and honey production, enable world class research on honey bee health, and act as a vehicle for increased community outreach and public education.  

Where will the new HBRC be located?

The new HBRC building will be located on a former U of G Physical Resources tree nursery east of the main campus near the corner of Stone Road East and Victoria Road.

Will new HBRC be on Arboretum lands?

The HBRC site sits within the Physical Resources area, adjacent to the Arboretum lands, so is not part of the Arboretum.