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  • Dana Surtees

    Dana Surtees

    Dana is our USRA (Undergraduate Student Research Award) student for the summer of 2021.  She was awarded a grant in order to join our team and assist with some of […]

  • Monique Dulong

    Monique Dulong

    Monique is our apiculture field technician here at the HBRC. She assists with maintaining honeybee colonies, extracting honey and other important jobs around the bee yard. Monique is starting her […]

  • Namseet Ghurbhurrun

    Namseet Ghurbhurrun

    Namseet Ghurbhurrun is our Marketing Assistant, and has been part of the Honey Bee Research Centre’s team since February 2021. She is currently a third-year student at the University of […]

  • Colleen Benninger

    Colleen Benninger

    Collen is a 2021 summer intern from Fleming College program Biotechnology – Advanced Forensics (BTF).  She is a HBRC Molecular Laboratory Research Intern and at the end of this internship, […]

  • Zo Ross

    Zo Ross

    You can find Zo Ross filming in the cloud of bees. Before starting their MA in Geography with a specialization in precision conservation they served as the videographer and social […]

  • Wissarut Sukhaket

    Wissarut Sukhaket

    Wissarut is our Ph.D. candidate at School of Environmental Sciences (SES) under the supervision of Dr. Ernesto Guzman. Wissarut came to us from Thailand in the summer of 2021 and is […]

  • Alvaro De la Mora

    Alvaro De la Mora

    Alvaro De la Mora is our Ph.D. candidate, at the School of Environmental Sciences (SES), under the supervision of Dr. Ernesto Guzman. Alvaro started his work in the fall of […]

  • Nuria Morfin-Ramirez

    Nuria Morfin-Ramirez

    Nuria Morfin is a Researcher Associate at the Honey Bee Research Centre in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of Guelph. She has been working with honey bees […]

  • Janet Tam

    Janet Tam

    Janet started working with honey bees in 1998, for the U of G and then the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association, Technology-Transfer Program. After a few years off to raise a couple […]

  • Paul Kelly

    Paul Kelly

    Paul has managed the Honey Bee Research Centre since 1987. His primary role at the centre is to manage honey bee colonies for research and teaching purposes. He provides research […]