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  • What’s Happening | Summer 2022

    What’s Happening | Summer 2022

    This summer has kept the HBRC busier than ever. Post-Covid, interest in our centre’s tours has increased as well, and we often hosted more than one tour in a day. […]

  • Product Feature – Raw Honey

    Product Feature – Raw Honey

    What is Raw Honey?  Raw honey has never been heated or filtered, meaning it has slightly more pollen and antimicrobial properties than liquid honey. It is commonly used for wound […]

  • Donor Spotlight – Pinchin Company

    Donor Spotlight – Pinchin Company

    Pinchin is an environmental engineering consultant firm based in Mississauga, Ontario. Founded in 1981, the company that started with two employees is now compromised of an impressive 900 employees in […]

  • Staff Spotlight – Wissarut Sukhaket

    Staff Spotlight – Wissarut Sukhaket

    Wissarut Sukhaket, our newest PhD candidate at the HBRC, has been working hard all summer to learn more about honey bee diets and health.   Wissarut has held a lifelong fascination […]

  • Hive Update | Summer 2022

    Hive Update | Summer 2022

    It was another busy summer here at the Honey Bee Research Centre! We manage our beehives for research and education but we also count on an income stream from our […]

  • Volunteer Feature: Wendy Shipsides

    Volunteer Feature: Wendy Shipsides

    “I had a lifelong curiosity with bees,” says Wendy Shipsides, a volunteer with the HBRC since 2014. After taking the Introductory Beekeeping course with the University of Guelph, she soon […]

  • Team Update: Monique Dulong

    Team Update: Monique Dulong

    Monique Dulong, a member of the Honey Bee Research Centre since 2021, has just finished her second year of Environmental Engineering at the University of Guelph. As a student in the Co-operative […]

  • Research Brief

    Research Brief

    Alvaro De la Mora Peña is a PhD Candidate here at the Honey Bee Research Centre. Alongside others, his research on honey bees at the University of Guelph is creating […]

  • Product Feature: Propolis Products

    Product Feature: Propolis Products

    Our revamped propolis products are now on the shelf, ready to be purchased! Discover our various propolis products on and enjoy their new look. We offer propolis tincture in […]

  • Donor Spotlight: The Dunlop Family

    Donor Spotlight: The Dunlop Family

    We would like to thank the Dunlop family and highlight their contributions in this edition of our newsletter. Kendra and Brock Dunlop attended one of our spring beekeeping courses in […]