Team Update: Namseet Ghurbhurrun

Hey there!

My name is Namseet, one of the Marketing Interns at the HBRC where I am working on our website and eStore. I will be entering my third year of Neuroscience this upcoming fall at the University of Guelph.  I have been part of the HBRC team for three months now, and I can definitely say that joining the centre has been an enriching experience.

We have a great team dedicated to a noble cause: helping the bees continue their key role in the agricultural world. The mission and core values of the HBRC encouraged me to join the team as they correspond with mine. Being a hiking enthusiast and passionate about the environment, the motives of the centre encourage me to deliver my best to achieve the organization’s objectives. After three months of collaboration with the team, my required duties are no longer viewed as tasks, but rather as an overall experience which has further grown my interests in the centre and our bees. Great things are done at the centre and being able to contribute is amazing. We look forward to you joining our community!