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What To Expect

Research Highlights

Receive exciting regular updates of the research emerging from the HBRC and the latest accomplishments of our research staff at the centre. Currently, postdoctoral fellows, students and technicians in Dr. Guzman’s lab are investigating the effect of parasites and pesticides on the behaviour and immune responses of honey bees.

Donor Spotlights

Learn more about our donors and their contributions to the HBRC. Understand how all donations comply with our mission and core values at the centre.


Be the first to know about our regular exciting events such as launching of new products, additions to the centre, and our upcoming new building!

Hive Updates

Learn how the bees in our hives are evolving and keep up with what is happening in the yard.

Product Features

Hear the story behind our products together with their amazing benefits. Exclusive news about product launches will also be featured.

Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteers are crucial for the proper functioning of the HBRC. One of the best ways to show our gratitude is to feature our volunteers and their great work in our eNewsletter!

Staff Experiences

Become familiar with our interns and staff! Learn all about their daily responsibilities and roles within the HBRC.