A New Iconic HBRC Facility

We are creating a new, iconic facility for honey bee education, research, advocacy and outreach. It will be a destination; a place of excellence in design, function and research. All in support of the future of honey bees.

University Of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre

A Leader In Apiculture, Research And Education

Honey bees play a key role in agricultural productivity and ecosystem sustainability by providing pollination services to crops and wild plants. Our mandate is to help honey bees continue this vital work.

Featured Articles

  • What’s Happening | Summer 2022
    This summer has kept the HBRC busier than ever. Post-Covid, interest in our centre’s tours has increased as well, and we often hosted more than one tour in a day. We welcomed all types of groups for tours this year, from the daycare’s little toddlers to OMAFRA personnel. Any group is welcome to send us […]
  • Product Feature – Raw Honey
    What is Raw Honey?  Raw honey has never been heated or filtered, meaning it has slightly more pollen and antimicrobial properties than liquid honey. It is commonly used for wound healing, colds, sore throats, and to build immunity to pollen allergies.  Great for spreading on toast or just eating with a spoon!   At the University […]
  • Donor Spotlight – Pinchin Company
    Pinchin is an environmental engineering consultant firm based in Mississauga, Ontario. Founded in 1981, the company that started with two employees is now compromised of an impressive 900 employees in 42 locations across Canada. Pinchin is committed to protecting the natural environment and providing information and advice so that businesses can make fully informed choices. […]
  • Staff Spotlight – Wissarut Sukhaket
    Wissarut Sukhaket, our newest PhD candidate at the HBRC, has been working hard all summer to learn more about honey bee diets and health.   Wissarut has held a lifelong fascination with animals and the interactions between pollinators and plants. After completing his undergraduate degree in entomolgy at Kasetsart University in 2007, he began researching the […]
  • Hive Update | Summer 2022
    It was another busy summer here at the Honey Bee Research Centre! We manage our beehives for research and education but we also count on an income stream from our hive products. Our 2021/2022 winter losses were 10% but another 10% came through as weak hives. Some weaker hives built up on their own, and […]
  • Volunteer Feature: Wendy Shipsides
    “I had a lifelong curiosity with bees,” says Wendy Shipsides, a volunteer with the HBRC since 2014. After taking the Introductory Beekeeping course with the University of Guelph, she soon became interested and began volunteering only a few short weeks later. Since she started, Wendy has been a regular volunteer with the centre every Thursday.  […]

Our Courses at UoG

Featured Course

  • Introductory Beekeeping Course
    In 2023, the HBRC will be conducting the Introductory Beekeeping course in-person and also virtually. The content of the courses (listed below) will be the same, but with different delivery methods.  REGISTRATION FOR BOTH COURSES WILL BE AVAILABLE STARTING ON JANUARY 25th, 2023, @7:00 PM Follow us on social media to receive an announcement about when […]

“The OAC is a leader for advanced agricultural and environmental research and has an inspiring 125-year history of honey bee research.”

Rene Van Acker,
Dean, Ontario Agricultural College, UoG

“We are passionate about bees at the Honey Bee Research Centre. Our life’s work is understanding bee health problems and providing solutions. To ensure honey bee sustainability, we provide many educational opportunities for beekeepers and visitors of all ages. We look forward to enhancing our research and education capacities with a new Honey Bee Research Centre. Please help us help bees by joining our community of supporters.”

Paul Kelly
Research And Apiary Manager, HBRC

“Having a world class facility with the capacity for advanced research and outreach is essential to the apicultural industry in Canada. The Honey Bee Research Centre will now continue to be an even stronger model for Canada and the world of progressive and innovative beekeeping activity. “

Rod Scarlett
Executive Director, Canadian Honey Council


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