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  • Varroa Mite Resistance | Spring 2023
    Description of the project and overwintering colony mortality:   The Honey Bee Research Centre, University of Guelph, in collaboration with the Ontario Beekeepers Association (OBA), and the Ontario Queen Breeders Association, has been implementing a breeding program to select honey bees for varroa mite resistance. Varroa destructor is an ectoparasitic mite that feeds upon the fat … Read more
  • Hive Update | Spring 2023
    We were quite concerned about how our bees would over-winter this year since they did not look strong going into the winter. This was due to a combination of prolonged dry weather and an unexpected surge in mite population between early August and early September. We wintered approximately 2/3 of our hives indoors for this … Read more
  • Comb Honey | Spring 2023
    Comb Honey is raw honey, exactly the way the bees have stored it. The honey filled beeswax comb is harvested directly from the hive. Besides being rich in carbohydrates, antioxidants, and full of nutrients, it tastes delicious.   Comb honey can be had as a snack, on warm bread or English muffins. It is also beautiful … Read more
  • Trillium Mutual Insurance Company | Spring 2023
    In the Fall of 2022, the Board for the ROOTS Community Fund of Trillium Mutual Insurance Company approved a funding application for the new Honey Bee Research Centre facility. Trillium Mutual Insurance Company will be naming a prominent planter garden in recognition of their $50,000 donation.  In May of this year, nine staff members joined … Read more
  • Staff Spotlight – Max Dewaele
    Upgrading to a full-time staff member this year, Max Dewaele has been a part of the HBRC since 2022. Max is going into his fourth year at the University of Ottawa in the sciences but has returned to Guelph this summer to assist at the research center.  A few years ago, Max noticed bees flying … Read more
  • What’s Happening? Spring 2023
    We are very happy to be back to be offering in person activities. We are conducting tours daily and have completed our two in-person weekend courses on April 29th and 30th and May 13th and 14th. These ran smoothly, and we were able to have 56 students join us over both weekends.  We are happy … Read more
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