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Since its establishment more than a century ago, the HBRC has been a leader in apiculture research primarily focused on honey bee health.


Our Mission

Our mandate is to help honey bees continue their vital work.

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Our Story

The Ontario Agricultural College initiated apiculture training and research in 1894.

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What We Do

We offer a variety of resources at the HBRC such as courses, tours and honey and hive products.

Picture of the old HBRC

HBRC History

Apiculture research and education at the University of Guelph are internationally renowned and have been part of a long beekeeping tradition that started in 1894 when the first beekeeping courses were taught at the Ontario Agricultural College. In 1920, an Apiculture building was built on campus at the present site of the University Centre and was the first of its kind in North America for beekeeping studies. In 1966, the apiculture facilities were moved to the current location on Stone Road. These facilities are unique not only in Ontario, but also in Canada.

The HBRC has more than a century long tradition of helping to build and support apiculture and honey production in Canada and around the world. This was accomplished by conducting fundamental and applied research, extending new knowledge, supporting networks of learning, encouraging and educating new beekeepers and raising public and political awareness of vital issues to the industry.


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Choose from our Introductory Beekeeping Course or our Apiculture and Honey Bee Biology Course.


Our well-renowned tours of the HBRC will be back soon! We offer both booked tours and drop-in tours on certain days.

Honey and Hive Products

We are now offering our range of products online with direct to home delivery coupled with flexible returns!

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