Our Educational Materials For Sale

At the Honey Bee Research Centre, we have a variety of apiculture educational tools and literature available for purchase:

  1. How-To Beekeeping Video Series
  2. Bee Friendly Garden Brochure
  3. Elemental Genetics And Breeding For The Honey Bee
  4. Hive Life Photos

How-To Beekeeping Video Series

Our “how-to” beekeeping video series is available for purchase on a USB flash drive.

Bee Friendly Garden Brochure

Our ‘Creating a Bee Friendly Garden’ brochure is a great resource to distribute at any event with gardeners and beekeepers in attendance. We have them available for purchase in multiples of 25 or more.

Elemental Genetics and Breeding for the Honey Bee

Dr. Ernesto Guzman’s textbook, Elemental Genetics and Breeding for the Honey Bee, is available for purchase. It describes the fundamentals of genetics and practical ways of applying these genetic principles to honey bee breeding.

Spanish Table Of Contents: honeybee-magazine-cover-spanish

English Table Of Contents: honeybee-magazine-cover

Hive Life Photos

Hive Life photos designed for apiculture education are available for purchase. They are available in a set of 4 or 10 photos with normal conditions and a set of 10 photos with abnormal conditions either framed or unframed.

Sets include a legend that describes the unique features of each photo.