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Donor Spotlight: Lydia Luckevich

In this donor spotlight we shine a light on Lydia Luckevich. While Lydia is University of Guelph alum with an honours degree in chemistry, her interest in the Honey Bee Research Centre is more recent. An initial donation in support of honeybee research was followed by a 2016 visit to the aging HBRC building.  The need for a new facility was apparent and Lydia and her family rose to the occasion to become the lead donor in the creation of a new HBRC facility.

Do you have an affiliation with the University of Guelph / are you an alum?

Yes, I am an alum. Our family charity donated the funds for the Pinchin Scholarship and Department Chair at the HBRC.

What inspired your interest in honey bees?

My husband’s family owned an apple and turkey farm. They had hives on the farm and were dependent on honeybees to pollinate the apple trees.

How did you first learn about or become involved with the HBRC?  What moved you to give to the HBRC?

My husband inherited some funds in 2014 which we wanted to use philanthropically.  We had a family meeting and decided to donate to the University of Guelph in the form of a post grad scholarship and Chair in Honeybee research. The University of Guelph was a great resource for my father-in-law with both his turkeys and his apples.

Are there any other thoughts that you would like to share about honey bees or the HBRC?

Without honeybees and other pollinators, the earth could not feed its occupants.  The more we know about honey bees, their behaviours, their risk factors and their optimum environment, the better we can promote their health and ensure that they will continue to pollinate our crops.

We thank Lydia for her generosity and continued interest in the HBRC. The progress and activity of the HBRC would not be a success without donations to support our research and operations. If you or your organization would like to give to the HBRC, click here.

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