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What’s Happening Summer 2021

YouTube Videos in Production

We are happy to announce that we are now making more YouTube videos. Folks ask for this one every day and we are thrilled to deliver. If you haven’t seen them yet, they are a go-to solution for all your how-to beekeeping needs. Want to know more about queen rearing? We’ve got you covered. What about splitting hives? We’ve got that too. We have recently completed videos about catching swarms, comb management, and equipment building.

New Website

Beehold! The HBRC has a new website. You can now find the HBRC online at In addition to a new look and improved layout, we’ve added more educational content and research info. Our website is a go-to resources for new and established beekeepers alike.

Yelp Collaboration

The HBRC is happy to be partnering with Yelp for a free Hype the Hive event on August 23. Join us online for a virtual tour of the HBRC and chat with Paul Kelly. This is part of a series of free events that take place from Aug. 9 to Aug. 23 across the GTA. More information and reservation info is available here. We hope that you will join us digitally as we celebrate honey bees and the products they create.

Royal City Community Collaboration

On August 6th, Royal City Brewing Company and the HBRC collaborated to create a community brew. Two-thousand cans of Honey Pale Ale were made with HBRC honey and will be launched on August 12th. Fifty-cents from each can sold will go to the HBRC building fund. A big thanks to Royal City Brewing Company. We are very grateful for this tasty collaboration. Today we are still raising funds so that we can build a new facility to continue and improve our research on honey bee health.