Team Update: Monique Dulong

Monique Dulong, a member of the Honey Bee Research Centre since 2021, has just finished her second year of Environmental Engineering at the University of Guelph. As a student in the Co-operative Education stream, Monique has been able to return to the research centre as a full-time Co-op student for the summer semester. 

Since coming to the University as a first year student, she has always been interested in research and field positions. Having switched programs from Biomedical Engineering to Environmental Engineering, Monique highlights the importance of having a field-based position moving forward. “This position influenced me to switch […] I can see myself in similar positions in the future where I am outside and can use my hands.” 

Her family’s experience of owning bees at a young age introduced her to the world of apiculture, an experience that encouraged her to expand her beekeeping knowledge. Monique’s mother attended a course offered by team member Janet Tam and began applying her knowledge on their own property. “It was a big learning experience,” says Monique, when describing the transition of caring for small numbers of hives to hundreds. “There is huge difference between a hobby farm of three or four hives, and a research farm of three-hundred.” 

Monique was in the first year of her undergraduate degree when she applied to the HBRC. “First years typically have little to no experience, and yet I still wanted a research position,” says Monique, “and I am so glad I applied to the HBRC [as] it has given me so many opportunities.” Monique’s short but impressive work at the HBRC and with honeybees has proven inspiration to her team members. Not only is Monique an excellent teammate in the yard but she has demonstrated great teaching abilities as well. 

We are very lucky to have her at the HBRC!