Late Fall Oxalic Acid Varroa Mite Treatment – Recipe for ~60 Colonies 


105 grams Oxalic Acid crystals 

750 ml hot water from tap 

3 x 750 ml (2250 ml) 2:1 sugar syrup 


Small digital scale 

Plastic sandwich bag 

Small spoon 

2 x 750 ml honey jars and 1 lid 

Large spoon 

Bucket with handle and lid 

50 ml syringe 


Using a small spoon, measure 105 grams of oxalic acid into a plastic sandwich bag on the scale. Carefully pour the oxalic crystals into a clean 750 ml honey jar. Half fill the jar with hot tap water. Tightly screw the top on the jar and shake vigorously until the crystals dissolve. Then add hot water to fill the jar and shake again. Using another 750 ml honey jar, fill it with sugar syrup three times and pour into a clean bucket. Shake the water/oxalic acid jar again and pour into bucket. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly with a large spoon. Rinse and then wash the jars and spoons immediately in hot soapy water. 


Using the syringe, dribble 50 ml per colony between the frames, directly on the bees, when the outside temperature is low enough that the bees are tightly clustered.