Donor Spotlight – Pinchin Company

Pinchin is an environmental engineering consultant firm based in Mississauga, Ontario. Founded in 1981, the company that started with two employees is now compromised of an impressive 900 employees in 42 locations across Canada. Pinchin is committed to protecting the natural environment and providing information and advice so that businesses can make fully informed choices. Below are a few excerpts from an interview with Jeff Grossi, Pinchin’s Chief Executive Officer. 

  1. What inspired Pinchin’s interest in honey bees? 

Pinchin understands the vital role of honey bees as did our founder, Dr. Don Pinchin, who grew up on his family’s Apple Orchard farm. The honey bee is responsible for sustaining our ecosystems by helping plants reproduce. 

  1. How did Pinchin first learn about or become involved with the HBRC??What moved Pinchin to give to the HBRC? 

Pinchin’s contribution to helping protect the environment began many years ago when the Pinchin family began donating to the Honey Bee Research Centre at the University of Guelph in the form of a graduate student scholarship and a professional fellowship.? Our contribution continues today with our financial contribution of this legacy and the amazing work of the research centre.?This past fall, winter, and spring has been particularly difficult on honey bees and beekeepers. Preliminary survey data as of early June, is showing that 53% of beekeepers have lost more than half of their hives, with some having lost 100 percent of their colonies. These unprecedented losses are widespread across Canada, and unfortunately have been observed within the US as well.?These losses due to stresses caused by weather events and other factors speak to the continued need for research like that performed by the Honey Bee Research Centre at the University of Guelph. 

  1. Does Pinchin have any comments to give others that are considering donating to the HBRC? 

In 2015 after the passing of Don Pinchin, the Pinchin family, along with Jeff Grossi, Pinchin’s CEO, was invited to the HBRC to meet the staff and tour the operation. It was at this time that it became apparent that their support as well as others was so important that a modern, well-equipped building would only help their research.?In 2021 Pinchin contributed financially to the construction of a new state-of-the-art Honey Bee Research Centre, that will focus on bee health education, research, advocacy, and outreach. The new facility will have a much greater capacity to continue public engagement with a visitor center, extended classroom space to continue to educate students, and a larger bee Apiary. It’s an opportunity to showcase to the world that the Honey Bee Research Centre at the University of Guelph is a leader in honey bee research. For more information on the importance of the honey bee to Pinchin employees, visit our blog on how Pinchin Protects the Honey Bee.  

Help support the new Honey Bee Research Centre by either making a donation?or visiting their online store?and ordering some delicious honey, or one of their other fantastic bee products like beeswax candles, lip balms, and apparel.