Staff Spotlight – Serena Causton

Serena Causton, a second-year Environmental Science student at the University of Guelph, worked full-time with us this past summer. Now working part-time through her study semesters, Serena has proven to be a fantastic addition to the HBRC team. 

In first year, she decided to focus on pollinators for one of her research projects. “That project got me interested in learning more about bees,” Serena said. After completing her first year of university fully online, she wanted to participate in more in-person hands-on learning. For her, the combination of field work, lab work, education, and the intrigue of working with bees at the HBRC was the perfect mix.  

Serena has helped our PhD students with their research efforts, both out in the field and in the lab. She is involved with the HBRC’s social media activities and also revamped our website. Even during the school semester, Serena continued to work on the website from home. 

When asked what her fondest memory about working at the HRBC was, she described the process of moving bees at night. “We all wore red headlamps in the dark and worked together to move the hives to other yards. We were careful not to let bees crawl under our jackets!”  

Her advice to any students wanting to get involved in a work study position is to have a clear plan for accomplishing their goals. “Make sure you know your own capabilities, and do not overload yourself. If you want to accomplish all of your goals, the importance of balancing rest and work should not be neglected.” 

Thank you, Serena, for all the amazing work that you have done!