Trillium Mutual Insurance Company | Spring 2023

In the Fall of 2022, the Board for the ROOTS Community Fund of Trillium Mutual Insurance Company approved a funding application for the new Honey Bee Research Centre facility. Trillium Mutual Insurance Company will be naming a prominent planter garden in recognition of their $50,000 donation. 

In May of this year, nine staff members joined Paul Kelly at Townsend House for a tour of the yards, a hive, and the honey shop inside. The attendees included several staff members and representatives for the Roots Community Fund. 

Tracy MacDonald, President & CEO had this to say “Honey Bees play a key role in agricultural productivity and ecosystem sustainability by providing pollination services to crops and wild plants.  The University of Guelph’s Honey Bee Research Centre is a leader in research and education with the goal to help bees and educate the public on this vital work.  Our recent ROOTS donation will help assist them in raising awareness of the vital issues impacting bees and their importance to our agricultural industry.  It was an eye-opening experience hearing and seeing the bees at the current research centre. We can definitely see the benefits of the new facility and can’t wait to see it open!” 

The new facility would not become a reality if it weren’t for generous supporters like Trillium Mutual Insurance Company. Over 300 unique individuals and companies have stepped up to support the project, and many naming opportunities are still available. If you’re interested in donating or naming a space, please contact Shannon Fawns,