Katie Knowles | Summer 2023

Having made her way from volunteer to summer staff to Apiary Research Assistant, Kathryn (better known as Katie) is Paul’s right-hand woman, making her an especially important person to highlight! 

Katie is in her final year of a BSc in Ecology and has spent her summer co-op term here at the HBRC. Now, she is writing an undergraduate thesis on our bee nutrition research. Katie assists with everything around the Centre. Whether it be moving hives at night, posting on social media, or selling our delicious hive products, Katie can do it all! 

Upon reflecting on the skills she has gained during her time at the HBRC, she believes her bee keeping and leadership skills have soared. “I was able to transition comfortably into a lead hand role.” If you ask anyone at the HBRC, they’ll tell you that Katie is a great role model.

Katie’s favourite memory involves going to the Islands (where we conduct our Buckfast breeding program)! “Not only are the views incredible, but the people on the island are extremely kind and welcoming. Being able to go to the islands to do bee keeping and staying overnight feels like a little road trip!” With all the hard work Katie does, having a ‘road trip’ is well deserved.  

Thank you, Katie, for all the amazing work you continue to do!