Sarah Guzman | Summer 2023

Sarah, the daughter of our HBRC director, Dr. Ernesto Guzman, started volunteering in May of 2023. Her interest in the HBRC is rooted in the desire to learn more about the importance of bees and the care required to maintain their health. She thought that volunteering at the HBRC would teach her about pollinators and how crucial they are. 

“Volunteering at the HBRC has been a blast.” Since she started, Sarah has been exposed to a wide range of research and beekeeping activities. My involvement in ongoing research projects has increased my understanding of the many facets of bee research and beekeeping. Learning how to carefully open a hive without hurting the bees has been very nice.”   

Thank you, Sarah, for all your hard work this season, you have become a great addition to the HBRC team!