Student Apiculture Club | Summer 2023

The Apiculture Club is a student-run club at the University of Guelph. Since being founded in the late 1800s, they have been actively participating in activities aimed at raising awareness of, and fostering a passion for, honey bees. They organize information booths at university events and host club activities. In addition, they produce hive products for sale at events on campus. Proceeds from their sales have traditionally been donated to international beekeeping development projects. This summer, they donated $2,500 towards construction of the new Honey Bee Research Centre.

Abigail Wickie, secretary of the Apiculture Club had this to say,

“The Honey Bee Research Centre has been instrumental in the success and prosperity of our club. It serves as the hub for our weekly meetings, workshops, and events, providing us with a welcoming space to conduct our activities. Moreover, the centre’s generous support in supplying us with wax and honey has been crucial in the creation and selling of our products.   

Through this donation, we aim to contribute to the preservation and longevity of the honey bee population.  As dedicated members to the centre, we truly value the importance of the existing facility and the invaluable support it has provided us. We are enthusiastic about taking part in its expansion and transformation into a groundbreaking new facility. We hope that our contribution will bolster its capabilities in promoting honey bee health, advancing research, fostering education, and extending outreach efforts.” 

The new facility would not become a reality if it weren’t for generous supporters like The University of Guelph student Apiculture Club. Over 300 individuals and companies have stepped up to support the project. Many naming opportunities are still available. If you’re interested in donating or naming a space, please contact Shannon Fawns,