A Re-Imagined Honey Bee Research Centre

We are creating a new, iconic facility focused on bee health education, research, advocacy and outreach. The facility will become a destination. A place of excellence in both design and function, while continuing to execute excellence in research. The new facility will include:

· 100 hive apiary

· Public areas (indoor and outdoor) with interactive education spaces

· Classroom space that can double as event space

· A gift / book shop

· A research laboratory

· A facility for extraction/processing and packaging of hive products

· Office space

· Gardens and parking

Construction is scheduled to be completed in late summer 2024.

New Location

The new HBRC will be located on Stone Road, East of the current HBRC location and west of Victoria Road. This new site location offers a number of advantages, including re-purposing space that is not currently being used (a former tree nursery that is adjacent to the Arboretum).

Support the new Honey Bee Research Centre

Honey bees have always fascinated people. They are supreme examples of interdependence in nature and agriculture. With the right location and facilities, the HBRC will be able to amplify its research and education programs and provide more meaningful public outreach. Together we can create a community movement around supporting bees and bee health through the HBRC.

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