Labelling Jig

Design: Paul Kelly

Drawing with dimensions: labelling-jig-diagrams-1

Tired of holding honey jars on your lap to label them? Here is a quick project to help you hold jars while you peel and stick your labels on. It secures containers from 150g to 3kg by adjusting the retainer slide to the container width. As seen in the pictures, the jig has very few parts and no complicated joinery.

You’ll need some ½” Baltic birch plywood (available at most building supply stores) and some hardwood. As it’s a small project, you may have some off cuts from other projects that could be used. The only hardware required is a 1/4 “jig bolt, a 1/4” washer, and a 1/4” t- nut. Big Box building supply stores stock these items.

Cut your pieces to size then drill the 1/4” hole in the retainer slide and a line of 1/4” holes in the main panel to create a slot. Clear the waste between holes with a chisel to complete the slot.  If you have a router table, the slot can be cut with a 1/4 “straight bit.

Glue and clamp the pieces together. It’s a bit tricky to glue on the angled base without using nails so drop a few grains of sand into the glue coating prior to assembly. This will keep the glued parts from slipping under the pressure of your clamps. Round over the edges with a router or sandpaper. Three coats of Varethane, or a similar finish, will keep your jig looking great.

While labelling is the very last step of producing your honey, it’s the first impression you make on your potential customer.

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