Team Member: Janet Tam

Team Update: Janet Tam

Janet Tam, a veteran in the beekeeping world, started working with the Honey Bee Research Centre at the beginning of 2020. After a short break from the beekeeping industry, Janet took on the considerable tasks of overseeing the administration of the centre as well as the coordination of honey sales and packing.

It was at the University of Guelph, during the completion of her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences, that she took the Introduction to Apiculture course. She was offered the opportunity to take part in summer work with Dr. Peter Kevan’s lab where she was introduced to the Ontario Beekeepers Association Technology program in applied research, technology transfer and education. It was here she met the HBRC’s manager, Paul Kelly, “we did come to Townsend House a few times … [and] we would always see Paul at conferences and meetings.”

“I am very familiar with the Honey Bee Research Centre, I know Paul, Ernesto, Alvaro,” said Janet. “[And] so I am working with friends in a place I already know.”

Janet’s long history with the beekeeping industry has given her great insight into beekeeping culture, “everyone does beekeeping differently and there are so many different beekeepers,” said Janet, who highlighted the variability in the caretaking of bees and the importance to respect alternative methods.

Since Janet started working with the HBRC (Honey Bee Research Centre) during the Covid-19 pandemic, she is most looking forward to an increase of in-person demonstrations and sales. “We do lots of tours and groups [under normal conditions].” Janet’s long-time interest in honeybees and beekeeping has made her an invaluable member of the HBRC team. You can find her busy as a bee in the HBRC office or meeting with customers throughout the day. Thank you, Janet, for all your help and support at the centre.

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