Category: The Team

  • Andrew McCarthy

    Andrew McCarthy

    Andrew joined HBRC as part of the Work Study program through the University of Guelph and assists with colony maintenance, honey processing, and graduate research. Andrew is a fourth-year student […]

  • Fred Fulkerson

    Fred Fulkerson

    Fred is a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Conestoga College. He volunteers one day a week at the HBRC. For years he talked about beekeeping and finally decided to order two […]

  • Johann Peters

    Johann Peters

    Johann Peters is a volunteer at the HBRC. He became obsessed with bees at age 11. He was then gifted a copy of Beekeeping for Dummies, and that cemented his beliefs […]

  • Max Dewaeale

    Max Dewaeale

    Max is a volunteer with the HBRC. He started his undergraduate in environmental science in 2021, and hopes to get a master’s in entomology or mycology. In his spare time […]

  • Roberto Peláez

    Roberto Peláez

    Roberto Peláez is a 2022 summer intern from México, and at the end of his internship he will acquire his degree as a veterinarian. He is very interested in honey […]

  • Yiza Bernal

    Yiza Bernal

    Yiza is a veterinary student from the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. He joined the HBRC this year to complete an internship required for his veterinary degree. He helps out […]

  • Jenna Scharnowski

    Jenna Scharnowski

    Jenna works at the HBRC as an apiary research technician. She aids in the care of the HBRC’s hives and assists with the research being conducted. In the fall of 2022, […]

  • Kathryn Knowles

    Kathryn Knowles

    Kathryn is one of our Apiary Research Assistants at the HBRC. After volunteering at the HBRC in the fall of 2021, she returned in May as a Co-op student with […]

  • Hema Hemraj

    Hema Hemraj

    Hema Hemraj is a volunteer with the HBRC. She started her Masters at the University of Guelph in 2021 in Environmental Engineering. Her research focuses on carbon sequestration in soil.  Hema […]

  • Serena Causton

    Serena Causton

    Serena joined the HBRC in 2022 as an Apiary Research Technician. She begins her second year studying Environmental Sciences at the University of Guelph in the fall of 2022. Serena […]