Category: The Team

  • Shannon Lam

    Shannon Lam

    Shannon joined the HBRC in summer 2023 as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in Marketing and Communications. She is in her second year of studies at the University of Guelph and […]

  • Wendy Shipsides

    Wendy Shipsides

    Wendy is a long-standing volunteer with the HBRC. She has been volunteering since spring 2014, and summer 2023 is her 10th season with us. She is committed to continuously learning, […]

  • Pia Marquardt

    Pia Marquardt

    Pia took the HBRC weekend course in 2016 and started off that year with four hives. Pia wanted to learn more about bees and managing hives. She started volunteering the […]

  • Kate Petreny

    Kate Petreny

    Kate is a passionate beekeeper whose love for these remarkable pollinators knows no bounds. Learning everything from watching HBRC’s beekeeping videos and taking the introductory courses equipped Kate with the […]

  • Mark Bolzon

    Mark Bolzon

    Mark started volunteering with the HBRC in the fall of 2022, and enjoys the challenge and learning experience of working with bees. When he retired in 2020, he took up backyard […]

  • Fred Fulkerson

    Fred Fulkerson

    Fred is a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Conestoga College. He volunteers one day a week at the HBRC. For years he talked about beekeeping and finally decided to order two […]

  • Kathryn Knowles

    Kathryn Knowles

    Kathryn is one of our Apiary Research Assistants at the HBRC. After volunteering at the HBRC in the fall of 2021, she returned in 2022 and 2023 as a Co-op […]

  • Monique Dulong

    Monique Dulong

    Monique is our apiculture field technician here at the HBRC. She assists with maintaining honeybee colonies, extracting honey and other important jobs around the bee yard. Monique is starting her […]

  • Wissarut Sukhaket

    Wissarut Sukhaket

    Wissarut is our Ph.D. candidate at School of Environmental Sciences (SES) under the supervision of Dr. Ernesto Guzman. Wissarut came to us from Thailand in the summer of 2021 and is […]

  • Alvaro De la Mora

    Alvaro De la Mora

    Alvaro De la Mora is our Ph.D. candidate, at the School of Environmental Sciences (SES), under the supervision of Dr. Ernesto Guzman. Alvaro started his work in the fall of […]